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A web application to help users message and be messaged completely anonymously.

#About the Project

Anonytexts lets you message friends and family completely anonymously. Pull a prank with your friends or send your loved one a secret message.


It's quite a popular way to have fun amongst students in Nigeria to create profiles on anonymous messaging platforms to be shared amongst their peers so they may speak their minds.

Being a student, and having used a couple of these, most of them don't make it as easy and fun as it should be.

#Why MongoDB?

We wanted to stand out by adding giving users more flexibility and customization while also considering the effects in the long run. We needed a database with a flexible structure that allows for scalability with zero deployment issues. MongoDB Atlas was the best bet.

#How It Works

You create an account on the platform, with just your name, email and password. You choose to set a username or not. You get access to your dashboard where you can share your unique link to friends. People message you completely anonymously, leaving you to have to figure out which message is from which person. You may reply messages from users who have an account on the platform too.

Tools Used
  • Atlas
  • Atlas
  • JavaScript
  • C
  • Technical
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