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MongoDB.Live 2020 Keynote In Less Than 10 Minutes

Karen Huaulme1 min read • Published Jan 07, 2022 • Updated Mar 21, 2023
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Didn't get a chance to attend the MongoDB.Live 2020 online conference this year? Don't worry. We have compiled a quick recap of all the highlights to get you caught up.
MongoDB.Live 2020 - Everything from the Breakthroughs to the Milestones - in 10 Minutes!
As you can see, we packed a lot of exciting news in this year's event.
MongoDB Realm:
  • Bi-directional sync between mobile devices and data in an Atlas cluster
  • Easy integration with authentication, serverless functions and triggers
  • GraphQL support
MongoDB Server 4.4:
  • Refinable shard keys
  • Hedged reads
  • New query language additions - union, custom aggregation expressions
MongoDB Atlas:
  • Atlas Search GA
  • Atlas Online Archive (Beta)
  • Automated schema suggestions
  • AWS IAM authentication
  • Atlas Data Lake
  • Federated queries
  • Charts embedding SDK
DevOps Tools and Integrations
  • Community Kubernetes operator and containerized Ops Manager for Enterprise
  • New MongoDB shell
  • New integration for VS Code and other JetBrains IDEs
MongoDB Learning & Community
  • University Learning Paths
  • Developer Hub
  • Community Forum
Over 14,000 attendees attended our annual user conference online to experience how we make data stunningly easy to work with. If you didn't get the chance to attend, check out our upcoming 2020 regional series. These virtual conferences in every corner of the globe are the easiest way for you to sharpen your skills during a full day of interactive, virtual sessions, deep dives, and workshops from the comfort of your home and the convenience of your time zone. You'll discover new ways MongoDB removes the developer pain of working with data, allowing you to focus on your vision and freeing your genius.
To learn more, ask questions, leave feedback or simply connect with other MongoDB developers, visit our community forums. Come to learn. Stay to connect.
Get started with Atlas is easy. Sign up for a free MongoDB Atlas account to start working with all the exciting new features of MongoDB, including Realm and Charts, today!

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