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Ep. 95 Life At MongoDB: Exploring Cloud Support with Mark Kirpichnikov and Jon Fanti

Published: Dec 17, 2021

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As of 2019, over 50% of global enterprises use at least one public cloud platform for their everyday business operations. Since then, that number has nearly doubled with many analysts predicting a similar, if not greater, jump into 2022. 

The continuing flood of businesses migrating infrastructures to the cloud has fueled explosive growth. IDC forecasts the combined public cloud Infrastructure and Platform workloads market will grow to a whopping $400 billion dollars by 2025. 

For developers, engineers and those interested in technology, this presents a massive opportunity. Companies of all sizes continue to seek out cloud computing expertise, offering some of the highest salaries in the tech domain. 

If you’re interested in software, technology, and data… you may be thinking that you need to learn to write code and build something in order to find employment in today’s fast-paced, tech-focused economy. However… think again.

We’re going to look at a corner of the cloud, you may have overlooked.

Mark Kirpichnikov is a Cloud Support Associate and today he, along with his manager, Jon Fanti help me dive into and learn more about the Cloud Support roles.

for more information about career opportunities within Technical Services at MongoDB, Visit:

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