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Ep. 110 Better Banking with Neocova and MongoDB

Published: Jan 01, 1970

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Matt Beecher and Matt Almeida from banking startup Neocova speak with The MongoDB Podcast host, and Developer Advocate, Michael Lynn. Neocova helps banks utilize their customer data through its data and data analytics solutions, and these help banks to utilize data in ways that offer customers better outcomes.

Highlights from the conversation include:

  • The difference between community and larger corporate banks
  • Why Neocova's solutions are strictly data and data analytics-focused
  • Operational efficiency and a platform built for scale
  • Why Neocova chose MongoDB, and the architectures of its solutions
  • ROI and metrics Neocova looks for
  • Parsing and processing data from customer data sources
  • Unleashing the power and value of data banks already have
  • How Atlas, Charts, and MongoDB tools help Neocova's business

More about Neocova:

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