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Ep. 103 Exploring NFTs and Crypto with Professor Cardano

Published: Mar 22, 2022

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While the crypto market never fails to attract masses of attention, it was Non-Fungible Tokens – or NFTs as we more commonly know them – that exploded into the mainstream in 2021.

From a trading volume of around $100m in 2020, the arrival of celebrities, sportstars, and global brands – creating everything from collectibles and digital art to gaming and assets for the metaverse – drove NFT trading to an estimated $22bn in 2021. 

Launched in July 2021, CNFT.IO is a marketplace for NFTs, and the first ever built on the Cardano blockchain. Within just six months of its debut, close to $200m of NFTs had been traded on CNFT.IO, representing 80%+ of all NFTs sold on Cardano, and growing at around $1m per day. As of early 2022, the CNFT.IO marketplace serves 150,000 users, and lists over 1.1 million assets in its catalog.

Professor Cardano sits down with Michael to explore the world of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

Read more about CNFT.io and MongoDB here.


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