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Ep. 102 Changing the Game with MongoDB

Published: Mar 14, 2022

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Data has always been an essential part of video games. From player profiles to telemetry, matchmaking to leaderboards, data is crucial to making games work – and making them better. Recent trends in gaming make data even more important. When you’re choosing a database for your next video game, consider your data requirements. Modern games are multiplayer and online, reach massive scale, and must evolve quickly to stay relevant. Join Michael Lynn as he discusses data, and the impact MongoDB has on Game Development with Sig Narvaez, and Jim Blackhurst.

To learn more about how MongoDB impacts Game Development visit: https://www.mongodb.com/use-cases/gaming

To learn about MongoDB at the Game Developers Conference, visit: https://www.mongodb.com/gdc

To learn more about the Game Developers Conference, visit: https://gdconf.com

If you're planning on visiting GDC, remember to visit us at P1561 in Center Hall to learn more about MongoDB, snag some exclusive gaming swag, and chat with MongoDB’s leading experts in gaming! Mention "PODCAST" to receive a special gift!

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