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Goodbye NSPredicate, hello Realm Swift Query API

New type-safe queries in Realm's Swift SDK


Making SwiftUI Previews Work For You

Get the most out of iOS Canvas previews to improve your productivity and app quality


Filter Realm Notifications in Your iOS App with KeyPaths

How to customize your notifications when your iOS app is observing Realm


Realm Data Types

Review of existing and supported Realm Data Types for the different SDKs.


Adding Realm as a dependency to an iOS Framework

Adding Realm to a Project is how we usually work. But sometimes we want to create a Framework (could be the data layer of a bigger project) that uses Realm. So... how do we add Realm as a dependency to said Framework?


Document our Realm-Powered Swift Frameworks using DocC

Learn how to use the new Documentation Compiler from Apple, DocC, to create outstanding tutorials, how-tos and explain how your Frameworks work.


Most Useful iOS 15 SwiftUI Features

See how to use some of the most useful new iOS 15 SwiftUI features in your mobile apps


Migrating Your iOS App's Realm Schema in Production

Learn how to safely update your iOS app's Realm schema to support new functionality—without losing any existing data


Build Offline-First Mobile Apps by Caching API Results in Realm

Learn how to make your mobile app always-on, even when you can't connect to your API.


Migrating Your iOS App's Synced Realm Schema in Production

When you add features to your app, you may need to modify your Realm schema. Here, we step through how to migrate your synced schema and data.


Open Synced Realms in SwiftUI using @Auto/AsyncOpen

Learn how to use the new Realm @AutoOpen and @AsyncOpen property wrappers to open synced realms from your SwiftUI apps.


New Realm Cocoa Data Types

In this blog post we will discover the new data types that Realm Cocoa has to offer.

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