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Atlas Data Lake SQL Integration to Form Powerful Data Interactions

Learn how new SQL-based syntax can power your data lake insights in minutes. Integrate this capability with powerful BI tools like Tableau to get immediate value out of your data.


Type Safety with Prisma & MongoDB

In this article, we’ll explore Prisma, an Object Relational Mapper (ODM) for MongoDB. Prisma helps developers to write code that is both readable and type-safe.


Ep. 109 Prisma and MongoDB - Better Together

Prisma is an open-source ORM for Node.js and TypeScript that helps developers build faster and make fewer errors. On this episode, host Mike Lynn sits down with Nikolas Burk and Matt Miller of the Prisma team to discuss the Prisma + MongoDB Launch Week. Nikolas is a Developer Advocate and Matt is a Product Manager at Prisma, and together they're here to outline what Prisma is now capable of with MongoDB support, including effects on developer workflows and efficiency. Other topics of conversation include: How Prisma's introspection capabilities allow for flexible schemas in database management.Relational databases, embedded documents, and inferring relationshipsWhat the Prisma + MongoDB relationship was like throughout beta phase to production readyHow Matt and Nikolas ended up at PrismaPrisma and making the experience of modeling data really easyImpacts on data migration, emphasis on typescript and type safety, and other benefitsCheck out Prisma:https://www.prisma.io/https://twitter.com/prismahttps://www.linkedin.com/company/prisma-io/https://www.prisma.io/blog/More about Prisma + MongoDB Launch Weekhttps://www.prisma.io/mongodb-launch/


Building Service-Based Atlas Cluster Management

Learn how to build Service-Based Atlas Cluster Management webhooks/functionality with Atlas Admin API and MongoDB Realm.


Build Your Own Function Retry Mechanism with Realm

This tutorial is born to show how we can create a retry mechanism for our functions. Realm Functions allow you to define and execute server-side logic for your application. You can call functions from your client applications as well as from other functions and in JSON expressions throughout Realm.


Integrating MongoDB Change Streams with Socket.IO

If you're interested in how to integrate MongoDB eventing with Socket.io, this tutorial builds in the Socket.IO getting started guide to incorporate MongoDB.


Create a Custom Data Enabled API in MongoDB Realm in 10 Minutes or Less

Learn how to create a data API with MongoDB Realm in 10 minutes or less


Christmas Lights and Webcams with the MongoDB Data API

I built a Christmas tree with an API so you, dear reader, can control the lights as well as a webcam to view it. All built using ESP32 Microcontrollers, Neopixels and the MongoDB Atlas Data API.


Generating MQL Shell Commands Using OpenAI and New mongosh Shell

Learn how new mongosh external modules can be used to generate MQL language via OpenAI engine. Transform simple text sentences into sophisticated queries.


Calling the MongoDB Atlas Admin API: How to Do it from Node, Python, and Ruby

Learn how to use digest authentication for the MongoDB Atlas Administration API from Python, Node.js, and Ruby.


Getting Started with MongoDB & Mongoose

In this article, we’ll learn how Mongoose, a library for MongoDB, can help you to structure and access your data with ease. Many who learn MongoDB get introduced to it through the very popular library, Mongoose. Mongoose is described as “elegant MongoDB object modeling for Node.js."


Let’s Give Your Realm-Powered Ionic Web App the Native Treatment on iOS and Android!

We can convert a existing Ionic React Web App that saves data in MongoDB Realm using Apollo GraphQL into an iOS and Android app using a couple commands, and the three apps will share the same MongoDB Realm backend. Also, we can easily add functionality to all three apps, just modifying one code base.

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