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Code for Good

Make a difference with MongoDB

Use your current MongoDB skills and pick up new ones. Contribute back to O-FISH and help protect our oceans.

Build your own O-FISH app
Logo for the WildAid Marine Program

Understand how to use MongoDB features in web and mobile applications

Use the context of a real-world application to understand MongoDB features and principles such as: schema modeling, Realm Sync, serverless logic with functions and triggers, full-text search, Charts data visualization.

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A sample dashboard for the Wild Aid application
With MongoDB Charts, the O-FISH web app allows WildAid to gain insights about marine protection enforcement efforts.

Build your own fully functional app for free

All you need is a free Atlas account and MongoDB Database Tools to build your own O-FISH instance.

Start building now

Contribute code to help protect our oceans

Submit new features, translations, and styles to O-FISH. This is an open source application; anyone can contribute.

Contribute your code

Collaborate with MongoDB Developers around the world

Connect with your fellow MongoDB developers to discuss how the O-FISH app works and how to make it better.

Discuss O-FISH with the community
Sample O-Fish application with vessel boarding information
Realm Sync enables officers to see and submit boarding reports through the mobile app even when they are out at sea, offline.
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