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Lubo Blagoev

RealmJS Senior Engineer-Sofia, BulgariaI have more than 20+ years in the software industry, started programming at early age on the 8bit IBM PC clone "Pravetz 8M" and later on a 16bit Pravetz-16 with an Intel 8088 4MHz CPU doing QuickBASIC and Turbo Pascal which was magical to me at that time and age. I have seen the world when a PC at home was an exception and experienced the whole technical revolution of the past two decades. For the past 10+ years I am working on mobile application frameworks. I am one of the three co-authors of the NativeScript cross-platform framework. My current endeavor is Realm - the best database for mobile applications.
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How We Migrated Realm JavaScript From NAN to N-API

May 13, 2022 | 6 min read