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Ksenia Samokhvalova

Senior Product Designer-Massachusetts, USAKsenia is a Senior Product Designer at MongoDB who specializes in making technology a joy to use for developers. Long before getting into UX, she completed a PhD in Applied Plasma Physics at MIT where she spent many long nights and weekends in the lab hands-on with a wide range of technical computing software, experiencing firsthand how much usability in technical software impacts productivity. Following that, she worked at both MathWorks and InterSystems, focusing on improving the user experience of APIs, software libraries, error messages, cloud management interfaces, and other technical user workflows. At MongoDB, Ksenia is focusing on making MongoDB Atlas Search APIs and graphical UIs easy and intuitive for developers to use.
Content by Ksenia Samokhvalova

Add US Postal Abbreviations to Your Atlas Search in 5 Minutes

Drawing of code with magnifying glass

Sep 29, 2022 | 9 min read