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Why should your team be certified by MongoDB?

We started the MongoDB Professional Certification program to ensure that there was a reliable benchmark for MongoDB skills. We make it as easy as possible to learn MongoDB with MongoDB University and in-person trainings, and hundreds of thousands of people have learned MongoDB by using our resources.

We offer certification exams for both developers and DBAs, and the exams are intentionally difficult. Anyone who achieves MongoDB Professional Certification has demonstrated real competence in administering or developing for MongoDB, and some experts have passed both exams.

Having a team made up of MongoDB Certified Professionals means that everyone’s on the same page. All team members will have verified MongoDB skills, and will be able to speak the same language. This speeds up development, reduces operational risk, and ensures that everyone is up to speed on the technology that’s a key part of your business.

There are two ways of getting certified professionals in your development or operations teams:

  • Hire them. The easiest way to find proven MongoDB talent is using our Certified Professional Finder. There, you can filter by type of certification, location, and more. Most certified professionals also list their certifications on their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc. You can verify a MongoDB certification, including the date and version of MongoDB tested.
  • Train and certify your current team. The other option is to help developers and DBAs already on your team to achieve MongoDB Professional Certification. Team members new to MongoDB can learn via MongoDB University or one of our training options. Once they’re ready, they can take a certification exam. Certification exams also help you to benchmark the skills of team members who already know and use MongoDB.

If you have team members who are new to MongoDB, there are lots of options for learning, including:

You can buy tickets for individual certification exams directly. If you prefer to pay via an order form, want to buy a larger volume of tickets, or have any questions, please fill out the form on this page and we’ll reach out to you as quickly as we can.

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