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Migrations Made Simple

Thinking about migrating to MongoDB Atlas? Teams that have already made the switch can’t stop talking the benefits in operational efficiency and service quality they’ve seen.

We started evaluating MongoDB Atlas and we were satisfied with easy management and possibility to scale our clusters with a click of a button, flexibility on storage, and securing our data with on-rest encryption. The Atlas team listened to us and made the necessary product changes as our migration required some special permissions that were not available in the product at the time.

— Sašo Matejina, DevOps Lead at Checkr

Migrations aren’t fun, but whether you have a single replica set or a large sharded cluster, we can help make your migration to MongoDB Atlas painless. And now for a limited time, we’ll cover 3 months on Atlas when you migrate a production workload.

For single replica set deployments, our database as a service features a built-in live migration service that allows you to easily import your data to a new database managed by MongoDB Atlas. This process keeps your new database in sync with any changes to the source, ensuring minimal impact to your application as you migrate.

For more complex deployments, you will have access to the team that builds MongoDB. We can work with you to develop a customized migration plan and help make your move to MongoDB Atlas seamless.

Fill out the form on this page to learn more about your options and how to take advantage of our 3 month offer for production workloads. A MongoDB expert will then email you within 2 days to schedule a free assessment of your migration.