Xebia is a Dutch headquartered IT company which specializes in Continuous Delivery & DevOps, Full Stack Agile Development, Agile Consulting & Transformation, BigData/Data Science, Mobile, Cloudification and Data Center Automation. It is a MongoDB services and consulting partner.

With offices in Netherlands, France, India (Delhi, Bangalore) and US (Boston), Xebia employs over 750 people worldwide and generates over $130 million in revenue. Xebia explores and creates new frontiers in IT. It provides innovative products and services and strives to stay one step ahead of our customers’ needs. Xebia turns new technology trends into business advantages. As mainstream frontrunners, Xebia creates new IT solutions and builds the future with our customers. Passion for in depth technology & software craftsmanship in combination with Lean, Agile and Scrum practices are Xebia's driving factors and competitive edge.

Xebia also has a strong training arm, which offers a complete training program in areas of Agile, DevOps, Big Data, Data Science, Full Stack Development, Testing and in other new cutting edge technologies like Java8, Scala, Docker, Angular JS, React, Node JS, Modern Spring etc. Xebia Global Academy offers B2B as well B2C training solutions.

Learn more at www.xebia.com