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Infosys and MongoDB: Accelerating Application Modernization

With the advent of the digital enterprise, leaders are under immense pressure to modernize and transform their application landscape. As big data, mobility, and cloud become more pervasive, accelerating application modernization without disrupting business can become more and more challenging. However, when strategically planned and properly managed, application modernization can be a low-risk, cost-effective way to deliver a new class of applications that prove to be a competitive advantage.

Why Application Modernization?

While new technologies and architectures continue to emerge, it is not always feasible to take advantage of these trends. In many cases, it makes more sense to modernize existing applications. Application Modernization is the continuous evolution of an enterprise's application infrastructure that aligns its technology capabilities with the evolving nature of its business requirements.

Infosys Application Modernization Solution

 Infosys Application Modernization solution enables enterprises to derive more value from their existing applications through Infosys’ unparalleled expertise (60K+ developers and technology leads, hundreds of modernization projects, and 10+ years’ experience). Application Modernization focuses on optimizing and reducing costs, while opening up new experiences; all without a full blown migration. Infosys’ Modernization approach focuses on a few key tenets:

  • Accelerate. Accelerate agility and cost savings by simplifying existing application landscape, optimizing current operations, and re-hosting on commodity hardware or cloud.

  • Renew. Renew existing IT by revitalizing existing applications, enabling new business capabilities, and re-platforming technology.

  • Transform. Find the best-fit solution for application landscape. Transform applications to a next generation architecture by leveraging cloud, mobile, non-relational data platforms, web scale, DevOps, CI/CD.

Application Modernization with MongoDB

Modernizing existing applications has been hampered by the lack of flexibility and scalability of traditional relational databases. MongoDB has emerged as a strong and viable solution to this problem. MongoDB’s flexible data model, dynamic schema, and scalability provide many key benefits ideal for application modernization:

  • Flexible data model makes it easy to store and combine data of any structure so as to spend less time preparing data for the database, and more time putting the data to work.

  • Multi-Datacenter scalability to scale within and across geographically distributed data centers, providing new levels of availability and scalability.

  • Fast, iterative development through a flexible data model coupled with dynamic schema that makes it fast for developers to build and evolve applications. Automated provisioning and management enable continuous integration and highly productive operations.

MongoDB and Infosys jointly enable customers in their applications modernization journey by co-creating disruptive solutions in the digital transformation space. This collaboration can help organizations realize the full value on MongoDB to quickly and efficiently create state-of-the-art, high performance and scalable applications.

Infosys and MongoDB have opened a joint Innovation Lab in Bangalore, India for the co-development of new tools, applications, and intellectual property (IP) that support joint customers, and build talent with MongoDB skills.

The collaboration between Infosys and MongoDB emerges as a driver for innovative industry solutions built on MongoDB.

Infosys’ Digital Agriculture solution, with MongoDB at its core, addresses the demand for higher yield within limited farm acreage and severe scarcity of water for irrigation. Agriculture based clients were looking at Infosys to unleash the power of data and IoT to surpass these gargantuan challenges while at the same time provide them with a model that is scalable, flexible, and responsive.

This unique innovative solution uses cutting edge technologies trends like Internet of Things, big data, analytics, and mobility. Some key features of this solution are:

  • The overall solution helps a grower take data supported decisions in seed variety selection and also provides recommendations on fertilizers and crop protection products. Using real time sensor data, growers can automate the water irrigation plan and hence optimize the use of water.

  • The solution also supports image processing and analytics for identifying crop health and crop stress which is of great use in vast tracts of farmland.

  • MongoDB’s ability to scale horizontally helps Infosys clients to quickly expand their services in the market for these solutions.

Infosys and MongoDB have partnered to offer a 2 day workshop with our Enterprise customers to determine the benefits and ROI for their modernization journey. To learn more contact us here.

Infosys and MongoDB: Top Stories in Accelerating Application Modernization

  • For a major Healthcare payer, Infosys developed a unique solution for the brokers and sales agents of the customer. The solution, which is based on MongoDB, enables the consolidation of several discrete data sources making it much easier for the brokers and agents to get all information in a single unified portal. The transformed solution for the brokers gives them the ability to access all the relevant granular level information with real time analytics.

  • For one of the largest network solutions provider, an Infosys solution and MongoDB were used for one of its most business critical and strategic projects. Real time data captured from Cisco devices - deployed across the globe - are captured and stored in MongoDB. MongoDB was chosen for its ability to process sensor data at rapid speed and easily scale as the volume of sensor data grows.