Nuxeo develops the Nuxeo Platform, which enables organizations to manage complex digital content at massive scale and is a customizable and extensible content management platform for building enterprise applications. It offers modern technologies, a plug-in model and packaging capabilities for Document Management, Digital Asset Management, and Case Management applications.

Nuxeo provides native integration with MongoDB, which can be used with the Nuxeo Platform as a persistence backend for content repositories (instead of, or alongside, a SQL database or other supported NoSQL backends) and is fully compatible with any existing application built on the Nuxeo Platform. Nuxeo’s integration with MongoDB is first of its kind in the enterprise content management (ECM) space, and allows customers to power gigantic repositories of complex content while fully leveraging MongoDB’s massive scaling, throughput and replication capabilities. Using the Nuxeo Platform with MongoDB provides the opportunity to build content management applications with big data tools capable of dealing with huge complex data volumes at unmatched speeds.

Over 1,000 organizations rely on Nuxeo to run business-critical applications, including the IRS, Netflix, Electronic Arts, Verizon, Sharp, Capital One, and the U.S. Navy.

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