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MongoDB & Hackolade

Optimize data modeling and schema design for application modernization in MongoDB Atlas with Hackolade's powerful and visual software tool


Dynamic Schema Evolution

Hackolade is pioneering the field of data modeling for MongoDB with its unique ability to represent deeply nested JSON objects and arrays in Entity Relationship Diagrams. Data modeling is a best practice to help ensure that MongoDB-based applications will evolve, scale, and reach high performance.

Increase data agility, quality, and compliance

From a graphical representation of collections and views structured in an ER Diagram, Hackolade automatically generates documentation, MongoDB scripts, sample documents, and REST APIs; or it infers the schema of existing instances to feed data dictionaries or metadata management solutions. It also facilitates application modernization with the denormalization of legacy data structures.

Continuous evolution and data management

Applications must be successfully operated, and will continue to evolve, resulting in likely schema changes. Hackolade is designed to facilitate agile development approaches and the full lifecycle of modern software. It provides the necessary tooling to design and manage data models and schemas for successful application modernization on MongoDB Atlas.

The video illustrates a typical migration exercise
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Hackolade skillfully harnesses the power and flexibility of MongoDB to maximize developer productivity and lower Total Cost of Ownership.