Diamanti delivers the only purpose-built, fully integrated Kubernetes bare-metal container platform. It gives global enterprises that want to run cloud-native applications in production the most reliable, efficient, and secure platform in the industry—integrating high-performance compute, plug-and-play networking, persistent storage, Docker, and Kubernetes into one simple solution with full-stack support.

The Diamanti platform deploys as a complete enterprise-class container stack in just 15 minutes—for the first time aligning developer and IT operations workflows to deliver the ease-of-use and time-to-market outcomes that both teams demand.

With Diamanti, platform architects, IT operations, and application owners have the performance, simplicity, efficiency, and enterprise features they need to deploy cloud-native applications like MongoDB fast—so enterprises can focus on delivering applications, not managing infrastructure.

For more information, visit https://diamanti.com/ or follow @diamanticom.