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MongoDB Masters

MongoDB Masters is an annual program run by MongoDB to recognize and empower leaders in the MongoDB community. Masters serve as ambassadors, leaders, educators, and experts, sharing their first-hand knowledge and experience. Masters complete MongoDB professional certification to demonstrate their expertise.

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Ajeeth Ganapathinageswaran

Ajeeth Ganapathinageswaran is a solutions Architect at Cognizant helping customers design & implement scalable Analytics solutions. He has over 10 years’ experience in Media & Entertainment domain and has been part of various large-scale Datawarehouse implementations. Ajeeth is a MongoDB evangelist & leads the Mongo user group within Cognizant. He is part of Mongo Advisory group consulting on MongoDB projects and conducts trainings. Earlier Ajeeth specialized in BI analytics & Data visualization.

Alessandro Multi

Alessandro is a Principal Software Engineer at Amazon. In his role at Amazon he provides technical thought leadership, architecture guidance, coaching and mentoring to the Amazon Retail Media group of divisions. Before that he was Vice President of Enterprise Architecture for Agylisys, a leading developer and marketer of proprietary enterprise software, services and solutions to the hospitality industry. He started his career at Microsoft in the Windows 3.1 team, where he spent 10 years in various roles, including Windows NT, the Internet Explorer team and is the inventor of BITs and of Windows Automatic Updates.

Alexander C. S. Hendorf

As Chief Information Officer of German management consultancy Königsweg, Alexander is guiding enterprises and institutions through change processes of digitalization and automation. His appearances at high-profile conferences like MongoDB days, EuroPython, PyData have made him a widely recognized expert in the fields of data analysis. He shares this expertise as a certified MongoDB DBA and engages in the global community as program chair of the EuroPython conference and MongoDB MUG leader, speaker and teacher.

Arkadiusz Borucki

Arkadiusz Borucki is a NoSQL / Dev Ops professional working with MongoDB deployed at huge scale in travel industry. Distributed MongoDB clusters bigger than 100TB with hundreds of nodes are nothing unusual for Arkadiusz. He is focused on service performance, availability, resistance, innovation and stability. Arkadiusz also gained expertise in Ops Manager. He is speaker on MongoDB conferences all around the world. He has over 10 years’ experience in IT industry, Arkadiusz enjoys watching football, jogging and traveling

Attila Tozser

Attila is a NoSQL / Big Data enthusiast currently working on shaping the future of travel. He has managed university research projects, is familiar with security regulations and enterprise requirements of various kinds, and currently focuses on NoSQL industrialization. He knows and loves the internals of Linux and is keen to get the last 1% of performance out of any hardware he may need to use. Attila is experienced in data warehousing and mining, and holds several industry certifications. He blogs, posts and generates content which may help NoSQL to dominate the world.

Bill Kunneke

Bill Kunneke is a Solutions Engineer at The Experience Engine. Past roles have included Software Development Manager at AAA, VP General Manager at myList Social Commerce, and Sr Operational Engineering Manager for Channel Intelligence. Bill has been using and advocating MongoDB since 2012 and started the MongoDB User Group in Orlando Florida in 2015.

Brian Scanlan

Brian Scanlan is a member of Intercom's engineering team, based out of Dublin, Ireland. Right now he manages Intercom's Infrastructure, Security and IT teams. He typically works somewhere in the overlap of systems engineering, software development and fixing large scale outages, and has previously worked in Amazon, HEAnet and The Irish Times.

Charity Majors

Charity is the cofounder and CTO of Hound, a new startup focused on mining machine data. Before that she spent several years as an engineering lead on Parse, running one of the world's largest and most complicated MongoDB deployments in order to power over a million mobile apps. After being acquired by Facebook, Parse worked closely with the RocksDB team to develop Mongo+Rocks, and ended up with the world's very first production deployment of Mongo with an LSM storage engine. She likes rainbows, unicorns and single malt scotch.

César Trigo Esteban

César Trigo is Technology Director at Gigigo Group, a Mobile Marketing Agency that develops End-to-End Mobile solutions and Founder of the Startup Applivery.com, a new service to distribute iOS and Android Mobile Apps for beta testing and enterprise purposes, both companies based in Madrid. This is the 3rd time that César participates in the MongoDB Masters Program and during these years he founded the site MongoDBSpain.com, the first multi-language technical blog 100% focused on MongoDB and helps running MongoDB User Group meetups and activities in Spain, evangelizing the community and speaking about MongoDB in Cloud, Big Data and Open Source events around the world.

Dan Raccanelli

Dan Racanelli has been working in the Web Services, Music, and Video Game industries for a combined 18 years. When he’s not obsessing over optimizing Node.js services for the sake of cost-efficiency and science, he’s chasing his two young children around San Francisco with his wife.

Doug Duncan

Doug Duncan is a DBA at Alteryx, a leader in data preparation, blending, and advanced analytics. Doug has worked with RDBMSs for longer than he cares to admit, focusing in both development and administration. Through his experience, Doug grew to embrace new data storage technologies. He began working with MongoDB several years ago, starting with the MongoDB 1.8 release in early 2011, both professionally and recreationally. Doug acted as an online TA the first two years following MongoDB University’s founding, working closely with the team by answering students’ questions and providing questions used in the courses. For his contributions to the education team Doug was awarded the first ever MongoDB DBA certification back in November of 2013. Doug is also involved in the MongoDB Google group, where he periodically answers questions, and the Denver MongoDB User Group, where delivers talks. In his spare time, if Doug’s not reading up on MongoDB, Hadoop, or other distributed data stores, you can find him walking around the foothills of Colorado with his wife, two boys and two dogs.

Doug Garret

Doug has worked in Bioinformatics Software Engineering for over 10 years, primarily at Genentech Research and Early Development in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology department. In January 2015 Doug transferred to the new Roche Sequencing Unit as a Group Leader managing the Bioinformatics Pipeline Development group, which is helping to develop new diagnostics using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Doug has a BA in Physics from Occidental College and an MS in Computer Information Systems from Boston University.

Igor Canadi

Igor is a software engineer at Facebook, where he is currently working on product infrastructure team. Before that he worked on RocksDB team, where one of his projects was developing MongoRocks. MongoRocks is an integration of MongoDB and RocksDB storage engine, which powers Parse, one of the biggest deployments of MongoDB.

Jai Hirsch

Jai Hirsch is the Senior Systems Architect for Data Technologies at CARFAX. Jai has been involved with the MongoDB community as a TA for MongoDB University, speaking at conferences, and publishing articles and open source code. At his day job Jai focuses on big data, NoSQL, distributed processing models, and helping teams build amazing products. He is a firm believer that idle processors are the devil’s playground.

Jeff Sherard

Jeff Sherard is the Manager of Database Administration at Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) where he leads a team of senior DBAs and a managed services partner supporting multiple platforms in an agile, DevOps environment. He has been in the IT industry for 25+ plus years with notable stints at Sun Microsystems at the height of the dot.com bubble, a mission-critical 9-1-1 company, and now in the health care technology space. Jeff holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia. His current passion is MongoDB - achieving certification last year. GHX is rebuilding their entire platform (1.4bn documents/7TB capacity) around MongoDB and AWS using replication, sharding, and CloudManager.

Jon Dokulil

Jon is the VP of Engineering at Hudl. He's been with Hudl since the early days and has helped grow the company from one customer to over 50,000 today. Jon is passionate about the craft of building great software and is particularly interested in distributed systems, resilience, operations and scaling.

Jorge Puente Sarrín

Jorge Puente-Sarrín is a Python software developer and DBA at RebelMouse. Prior to RebelMouse, he worked at Red Científica Peruana (RCP) and El Comercio, where he leaded the adoption and integration of MongoDB into the company's IT infrastructure. He is a passionate developer focused on building distributed systems solutions using asynchronous programming with Python and .NET. Jorge has spoken in various cities and conferences in Peru. He is co-organizer of the MongoDB User Group Peru, and has contributed to the translation of the MongoDB documentation and MongoDB University courses into Spanish.

Juan Antonio Roy Couto

Juan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and has worked as a Software Engineer for 18 years at various Financial Entities in Spain, always with relational database platforms. He is a MongoDB enthusiast and loves to write posts at his own blog and, also, at one of the most important MongoDB related blogs in Spanish language: mongodbspain.com. As well, he enjoys sharing his knowledge as a speaker at public talks, and workshops, for several universities, enterprises and schools. He also likes to help with every MongoDB question he receives. He collaborates with, and attends, the MUG (MongoDB User Group) Madrid meetings. Furthermore, he is an active member of an association which collaborates with the local technical ecosystem at Salamanca, the city where he lives in Spain.

Katia Aresti

Katia has worked in IT since 2005, first as a consultant at Xebia and Sopra, and as a freelancer since September 2012. She's mostly a Java developer (while also dabbling in PHP). Katia has worked with MongoDB since 2010, becoming one of the first Java teams to get MongoDB into production in France at urban dive. She's spoken at Java User Groups, MongoDB Days and MongoDB User groups about her Java and MongoDB expertise in hands-on workshops, presentations and open space Q/A's. One of her ventures is Duchess France, which focuses on educating women developers on emerging technologies. She is passionate about Open Source and enjoys getting involved in community contributions.

Liyang Zhou

Liyang is the infrastructure Director of Teambition. He was in the first batch of people using MongoDB in China, the first MongoDB Certified Professional in China mainland, a Mongo old-timer and the CSDN MongoDB moderator. Liyang founded the Shanghai MUG and has spoken at MongoDB Days Beijing. He is the blogger of mongoing.com, the Chinese station of MongoDB, and is always helping people learn and use MongoDB, and has already translated more than 55 pages of documents. He is the co-founder of DBA PLUS, which has more than 10K DBA members in China.

Mark Callaghan

Mark Callaghan worked with great teams to make MySQL better for web-scale deployments at Facebook & Google for more than 10 years. His current focus at Facebook is RocksDB, MyRocks and MongoRocks. He has an MS in CS from UW-Madison.

Michael Kennedy

Michael is an author, an instructor, and the technical curriculum director at DevelopMentor. He is also a co-founder, author, and lead developer for LearningLine, DevelopMentor's online training platform. Michael has been working with MongoDB since 2010, and is the author of the MongoDB online course on LearningLine. He has started several businesses which are built upon MongoDB and has given many user group, code camp, and conference talks on MongoDB throughout the world. Beyond MongoDB, Michael has been building commercial applications with .NET since its initial public beta in 2001. Prior to working with .NET, he spent years working with C++ on Windows and SGI platforms. He holds a Master's degree in Mathematics from San Diego State University and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Michael Poremba

Michael is a Data Architect and Solution Architect experienced in application performance and scalability for high transaction volume database applications. He leverages past experience with complex relational database applications to help engineers design and build solutions with MongoDB where a document data store is more appropriate for application workload. Michael's domain experience crosses a variety of industries including: health care, financial services, IT management, content management and distribution, content targeting, telecom, manufacturing, and insurance. He specializes in understanding complex application requirements, document schema design, cluster sharding strategies, secondary indexes, and query performance.

Mike Grayson

Mike Grayson is a Senior DBA at Paychex. Mike has been involved in many aspects of the MongoDB community since he started using the database in 2014 such as participating in the 3.2 Beta Testing for The Encrypted Storage Engine and MongoDB Compass as well as participating in the MongoDB Customer Advisory Board. Previously, Mike was Senior Database Engineer at Thomson Reuters, where he built and managed databases at a large scale. Even earlier, Mike worked at a local telecom company, Paetec where he first learned to build and manage databases. Mike enjoys watching soccer, playing video games and spending time with family.

Moacy Barros

Moacy Barros is Data Architect at Globant designing and developing scalable data driven solutions and RedHat OpenShift Accelerator helping Brazillian community on adoption of technologies like Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Containerization and related technologies. Moacy is a MongoDB User Group leader and was a MongoDB University Teacher's Assistant for 3 years and continues to contribute to the MongoDB community around the world. Previously Moacy was a Senior Technical leader at IBM, helping distributed teams across the globe to implement complex software solutions following the best software engineering practices.

Nicola Iarocci

Nicola Iarocci is co-founder and CTO at CIR2000, a company focused on delivering accounting and invoicing applications to Italian small businesses. Nicola is a coder at heart and author of several open source projects like the Eve REST API Framework, a MongoDB REST front-end for Python developers. Nicola is a Microsoft MVP for Development Technologies and a Conference Speaker. He lives in Ravenna, Italy, where he also runs the local CoderDojo, a free coding club for kids.

Nuri Halperin

Nuri Halperin helps companies optimize their software investments. His company designs and builds scalable systems, websites, and business applications. He's been turning projects into success stories for a variety clients for over 2 decades. From founding CTO of Jdate.com to international e-commerce multilingual websites, to social photo sharing - he's done it. Nuri is a frequent speaker at tech events, and author of several online courses. His instructional videos can be found on MSDN Channel 9 and at pluralsight.com. He is a strong supporter of the developer community, helping people expand their knowledge and capabilities. Nuri was the inaugural recipient of MongoDB's William Zola Outstanding Contributor Award, and is a MongoDB Master.

Richard Carter

I am the Associate Director of Data Integration at Oxford Nanopore Technologies. I have a background in structural and computational biology and bioinformatics prior to my time at Oxford Nanopore Technologies. With such an extensive biology background, including ten years’ experience in next generation sequencing, then obviously I was the ideal choice to investigate our database solutions. I now manage a growing team of developers producing code for tracking all the metrics produced by our production processes and monitoring the Internet of Living Things and still haven’t employed a DBA.

Rick Copeland

Rick is the principal consultant at Arborian Consulting, LLC, where he specializes in MongoDB and Python consulting and training. Previously, he was a lead software engineer at Geeknet, the company that owns the websites SourceForge, Slashdot, ThinkGeek, and FreeCode. He has spoken at OSCON, PyCon, and several MongoDB-related events, and is a regular speaker at the Atlanta Python User Group, and is the author of to O'Reilly title MongoDB Applied Design Patterns.

Robert Fehrmann

Robert Fehrmann is a Data Architect at Snagajob helping to design, build, and manage the platform powering America's largest employment network. Roberts primary interested is polyglot data management platforms for high performance web-scale applications. Earlier, Robert was a Systems Manager / Architect at LandAmerica building high performance applications for all aspects of real-estate transactions. Before that, Robert was a software engineer and Project Manager at Siemens AG - Industrial Automation in Nuremberg, Germany helping multi-billion dollar clients implement and customize fully automated warehouse management and shop floor automation systems.

Russell Smith

Russell is a co-founder of Rainforest QA. He is a Mongo old-timer, lover of databases, speaker, and ex-ops guy. He is an englishman living in San Francisco, and founded the London MUG. Today he runs the SF MUG.

Susan Sterling

Susan Sterling is a Database Engineer Director best known for agility and innovation, most recently in insurance and banking for a Fortune 50 firm. Her experience spans end-to-end database performance, engineering, administration, and solution development using traditional and emerging database systems with related tooling and automation to ensure knowledge is highly useful and always ready. She delivers solid solutions to complex challenges, including data architecture, strategy and governance, for traditional and emerging technologies. Susan sits on several advisory boards, and authors and speaks internationally at technical conferences. For fun Sue performs as a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Taiob Ali

Taiob Ali, an accomplished technical leader with proven track record of success, Microsoft and MongoDB certified DB professional with over 10 years of IT experience both on-premise and cloud. Hands on experience in managing large database projects including large data migration, complex process design, planning, testing and deployment, long term capacity planning. Currently working at Fresenius Medical Care as technical lead for SQL and MongoDB database. Supporting 190+ SQL engine and 25 MongoDB instances with a total of 150+TB of data across 3 data center.

William Finch

Bill Finch is an 18-year Information Technology professional with a concentration in database management and development. He spent 8 years as a technical trainer, network engineer, and IT manager before focusing on database development in 2006. He has primarily focused on SQL Server and Oracle traditional RDBMS systems, adding MongoDB administration and development experience over the last 3 years while becoming a MongoDB Certified Database Administrator. He is currently Senior Database Manager for a large Mid-Atlantic health insurance administrator. Prior to embarking on an IT career he spent 8 years in the United States Marine Corps and Reserve as an Air Traffic Control Specialist.