Your $project stage doesn't seem correct

Hi, i’m looking for help, i can’t resolve this, it’s been 2 hours now.

var pipeline = [ REMOVED ];

Can you give me a hint ?

What is the problem you are having?

In your first $project, you remove the fields ‘genres’, ‘languages’ and ‘rmdb.rating’ by passing the value 0, but the description of the problem asks to only produce those fields. Currently you exclude them.

Yes sorry mad bad, i haven’t fully describe what i want. I would like to archive the assignment of Lab - Changing Document Shape with $project

Using the same $match stage from the previous lab, add a $project stage to only display the the title and film rating (title and rated fields).

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I found the issue, forgot the $and on the $match pipeline and the value of the title was wrong

Now that you mentioned it I also see it. 8-( That was slow on my part.

$project stage doesnot seem correct

var pipeline = [ < deleted > ];

what i did wrong please help @steevej-1495


FIrst of all, please follow Forum guidelines and do not post code or potential answers in the Forum. I’ve edited your post to remove that.

Second, notice that this post is 6 months old and solved. If you have a new question, please create a new post., Thanks.

hey david thanks for reply .
this mistake will not happen again.
i resolved the problem