Your Chapter 2 IDE SPACE

Hi everyone. I started today, and I’m little confused with last IDE SPACE in Chapter 2 on what I have to do.
I’m a little bit confused on what exactly I have to do (quizes or exercises) bcs I have 2 tabs in my IDE. If you could give me some instructions exactly on how to pass this test it would be great, thanks.
I’m also getting this error lately:

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For the error “signed into another…” close all sessions,clear cache and try again

For IDE issue you have an editor area where you prepare your config files and terminal area where you run the commands like mongo,mongod

Have you created your cluster and loaded sample data?
If yes you will get your connect string from your Atlas.Use it to connect to your DB and then you can continue with your quizzes,exercises/labs

Thank you, I managed to solve it, could you also tell me how I can practise mongo commands on my computers? I’ve downloaded mongo compass and mongo shell

Sameway you are doing it on IDE
From Atlas you will get your Compass connect string
Paste it in compass connect box and save it as favorites
For shell from your cmd prompt paste the connection string

C:\Users>mongo “mongodb+srv://…” --username xx --password xx