Your assignments are due soon

Where are the Assignments? I have been perusing the website with no-luck.

Please assist. It would be helpful if the email can have a direct link to the assignment in question.


Assignments are nothing but lab/homework
Please check left side explorer view on course page and also check overview page
It shows clearly what is competed and what is pending

Thanks, I thought maybe the r Witten assignments.


Which stage of the course you are now?
Make sure you complete assignments within the deadline
If you are in 3rd week you also need to complete final exam
I am not sure if the message you got is alerting about lab or final exam
so double check all
If you miss deadlines you cannot go back

I haven’t missed any deadlines yet… hope I’ll get them on time. I didn’t see chapter 2 (on M001). But I found it now.

The other thing I can’t seem to get SCHEMA tab to show. What would I be doing wrong?


You must be using Community edition of Compass, please install Stable version of Compass.