You need to bind the IP address to `` or `localhost`

I am getting the bindIP address error but in mongod.log file shows as connection accepted localhost for 27000.

in /shared/mongod.config file I have mentioned the IP address given for lab,
bindIp: “,”

I am not understanding which config file it actually reads. /etc/mongo.cnf is a read only file and cannot be edited. Kindly help us to resolve the same asap.

Appreciate the kind help.

The config file is specified with –config or -f. For more details look at the Core Options section in

Please show us how you started your mongod
Exact command or screenshot
Yes /etc/mongo.conf is a read only file(owned by root)
We can make our own config file using the contents of this file

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Thanks Rama for the revert, the issue got resolved :slight_smile:

I didn’t used bind_id parameter in the command. Config file was the next sub topic in the course.

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