You may be signed into another exercise error in config lab

You may be signed into another exercise in a different tab or window. Please close any additional open exercises and refresh this one.

I keep getting this error - previous labs worked - I have cleared cookies restarted, logged out and back in and still getting this error on this exercise.

I attach the log file of the console errors : (7.6 KB)

system i am using is:

Google Chrome is up to date

Version 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)
systeminfo.txt (1.5 KB)

Ok - got it working - I switched back to the first lab, which opened fine, and then switched back to this one and all is good :slight_smile:

Hi @Jason_Farmer,

I’m glad your issue got resolved. Please feel free to get back to us if you face any other issues.

~ Shubham