YAML file - cannot find location

Slightly confused as to where I should place the YAML file, placed it within the user/m103/etc directory on the host machine and getting the following error (the yaml file is called mongotest.conf)


The shared folder on your host machine is synced to the /shared folder on your Ubuntu guest machine.
ls - l /shared

will take a look, the user folder I specified was showing up as shared on the guest


It most likely indicates that the shared folder on your host machine is empty.

no the files there, thanks for the help , appreciated. At this rate the setting up of this course is taking to much of my time (and Im sure Ive taken too much of yours !)

It’s a discussion board for learning, I don’t mind, plus the there are a few others and the Curriculum Support Engineers. The majority people get setup without hiccups.
Let’s see a screenshot of ls -l /

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All looks fine. Can you also share a screenshot of your local shared folder + a screenshot of where it’s located.

Ive even tried it within the shared folder and within m103-vagrant-env …

The output of df -v might also be usefull.

Calling mongod with -f /users/Simom/…/shared/mongotest is not the way to access the shared file. You probably only need the /shared/mongotest part.

If the folder was not mounted it will be owned by root, no harm in checking of course.

It most likely is out of sync and needs a vagrant reload.
But first, try to create a file from the VM and see if it shows up in the host machine:
echo "test" > /shared/test.txt

error 4 error 5

If the directory is not mounted simply try to mount it with

sudo mount /shared

If you get an error while trying to mount, please provide the output of

cat /etc/fstab

Not if chown was executed.

I cannot see the result of

Now I see it.

Indeed :slight_smile: But all three dirs (dataset, shared and vagrant are owned by vagrant), it’s usually a good indicator that it’s mounted. When this breaks, all three folders are then owned by root. Be good to see what you requested.

As for fstab, the shares are auto-mounted by VirtualBox (because it’s VBox share) so there won’t be an entry in fstab specifically for the shares. I’m leaning towards a Reload to resolve this issue.

not sure if this helps but this is now showing up


It looks like you are good to go now. But since your file is named mongotest.conf rather than simply mongotest. The command is mongod -f /shared/mongotest.conf.

thank you both for your help …looks like it can see the file now so thats a start !error10