Xcode Archive Issue for iOS16 Project

Hi Folks,
So with a iOS project with minimum target of iOS 16, all builds and runs well on simulator and device, but when I got to archive the app to deploy it I get an error about compiling for iOS11.

Compiling for iOS 11.0, but module ‘Accessibility’ has a minimum deployment target of iOS 16.0.

Has anyone encountered this and have a fix / workaround?

Yeah - that’s frustrating. There are several places the deployment can be set. Obviously the Minimum Deployment target is one. Your project in the left hand navigator->Targets->General->Minimum Deployment

But you can also check the Build Settings tab an use the Search Field for “deployment” and see if all of the results match up

Thanks for the reply, I think I found way forward. Just XCode giving me a totally incorrect error, when actually something else totally. Turns out it doesnn’t like my Custom package called Accessibility. Rename it and it appears to now show different issue. So Accessibility must conflict with something somewhere.


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