Xamarin/Dot.Net - How to use converters in xaml and avoid threading exceptions

While developing an application in Xamarin (now Maui) I use converters extensively in my xaml ui layer which seem to be incompatible with many realm models due to the tread locked nature of realm object instances. Is there a good way to prevent thread exceptions when passing realm objects to a converter, which evidently does its work on a separate thread?

Here is some context. I have a view that I want to hide or show depending on if a collection of realm objects has data:

IsVisible="{Binding MaintenanceTasks, Converter={StaticResource ListToBoolConverter}}"

using this converter:

public object Convert(object value, Type targetType, object parameter, CultureInfo culture)
        var list = value as IEnumerable<object>;   <--- the dreaded realm accessed from an incorrect thread exception here
        return list?.Any();
    catch (Exception e)
    return false;

and accessing the collection like so:

var realm = _realmService.CreateUserRealm();
MaintenanceTasks = realm.All<MaintenanceTasksRealm>().Where(x => x.TicketId == ticketId);