Wrong information on ticket faceted search [Solved]

In the Faceted Search Ticket its stated this:

MFlix Functionality

By default, faceted searches are not enabled. To enable faceted search in the UI, open the index.html file and enter:

useFacets: true

in the mflix object.

Once implemented, the available movie search parameters will reflect the other search criteria.

I didn’t find any index.html to enter this, the index.html files present didn’t show any kind of mflix object to edit, then I ignored this part and did the ticket anyway, but it did make me waste some time looking for it, please review this ticket!!

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It is in there. see screenshot

Woah, it actually is!
But it’s already there anyway, I didn’t have to change anything, and the document doesn’t have any line breaks to improve readability, it’s probably not meant to be read or edited by the students…

Thanks for pointing this out @Miguel_69790, I’ll add this for our internal review on this lesson.

Thanks again and kindest regards,

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Hi @Miguel_69790

I’ve made some changes to our lesson notes and these should be live shortly and contain clearer instructions on what exactly to edit in the index.html file.

Thanks for your help in making our courses better!

You’re welcome! :smile:
There was some other lesson I had problems to understand, but it was from M121, so I think I probably should post somewhere else, right? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Miguel_69790 and if you do have issues with any of the other courses, if you could post in their particular forum then it’s easier to track and get it fixed.


Hi, I have the same problem, the lesson has not been revised since March as @brazileoin promised :pensive:

I am also not able to locate in application and UI as well. Please help.

Hi @Hemantjangra,

The issue is fixed, please let me know exactly what issue are facing.

I would strongly recommend create a new topic as this one is very old.