Wrong database dumped in mflix-js.zip

Wrong database dumped in mflix-js.zip. Collection mflix,movies contain 45993 documents, except 46014,
Ticket: Projection - test return 2788 documents, except 2789.

The database is correct! The changes to the tickets didn’t take effect. We’re working to fix this ASAP.

Hi, I’m having this problem too

The second ticket (Projection) seems to be wrong. Tests are wrong.
Answer: The database is correct (with exclamation)
Ok, the codebase is wrong then (with exclamation) :grinning:

After restoring the movies collection from M220P course (movies.bson.gz and movies.metadata.json.gz) everything is ok. Except first ticket (but the first ticket test is passed). :grinning:
Good luck!