Wrong aggregation result only in Compass

For Chapter 2 Lab “Using Cursor-like Stages” I used Compass to build up the aggregation pipeline.
When I export the pipeline and use it in MongoDB shell I get the correct movie title as a result.

However in Compass a different title is displayed as a result. I already tried to turn off “sample mode” in Compass but no changes.

I’m confused now. I am not sure if I can trust Compass Aggregation Builder any more.

If you haven’t applied a $sort then natural order might be in play here, in which case results may differ.

sort is included. That is not the problem.

Share screenshots of both scenarios and also state what version of Compass you’re using.

It seems that I’m using different datasets. In Compass I use the dataset from the M220J course which seems to be slightly different? I will investigate further on this …

Yes, that’s it. The datasets are different! The movie collection I use in compass has about 23k entries, and the one used in this course has about 44k entries. Therefore different results.

:slightly_smiling_face: :+1: