Wrestling with the wrong opponent

I don’t know how successful this course has been for others, but I’ve been committed to pursing a mongoDB certificate but I’m finding myself wrestling more with vagrant then actually learning anything about MongoDB…

Are other people also getting frustrated with this?

I used a personal laptop to complete this and other courses and I had no issues with getting this specific course up and running.

Considering the free nature of these courses and the completion certificate that is awarded on successful completion, I can understand why they’ve gone for an approach that provides the Staff an easier way for shipping course content and marking. Let’s also not forget that some of the course materials that’s downloaded from their AWS S3 buckets is costing MongoDB money and costing us nothing.

Notwithstanding, there’s absolutely no doubt that the experience can be improved; which I’m sure is being reviewed; but in the meantime, we have a discussion board where such installation issues can be resolved by members of the community or the MongoDB Curriculum Staff. It’s also worth mentioning that 99% of the typical problems already have solutions which can be found by searching the forum.

Hi @Riza_Hasan_Khan_22855,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with setting up the vagrant environment on your machine. As I can see, you have successfully set up the vagrant environment on your machine.

Please let me know if you are still facing any issue.

Hi @007_jb,

There are couple of reasons why we use Vagrant :

  • The first is that it’s to sandbox the environment.

  • We wanted to give our learners an environment that they can use without messing with the existing settings on your local machine.

  • All the dependencies are downloaded for you.

  • It also allows us to provide more consistent support for our students throughout the course. If we know that everyone’s running the same operating system, we can more quickly diagnose and solve problems that they are facing.

Yes, we are currently in the process of developing our own IDE application which will eliminate the need of using Vagrant. It will be introduced in our courses very soon.

Hope it helps!

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer

Yes… isolation, configurability, re-usability, consistency, ease of deployment, and cost-to-time savings are all generic benefits of using the vagrant and VirtualBox combination from a DevOps or SysAdmin perspective. All of which I summarised in one line, “an easier way for shipping course content and marking”. Clearly, these are points that I’m quite au fait with.

Besides the installation issues that are beyond the control of your Curriculum Dev colleagues (i.e. network related), the installation instructions could have been version specific (or at the very least, prescriptive) with respect to the VirtualBox and vagrant that was used during the pre-deployment phase. In addition, all the packages and libraries installed from the provision files could have also specified the exact versions used pre-deployment. This way, you’re sure that everyone is provisioning the exact same environment which will in turn cut down on some of the pre-installation shenanigans. Right now, people are installing “latest” versions of some dependencies, some of which weren’t tested prior to deployment.

PS: Whatever I said in my last post, was actually in support of MongoDBs efforts.