Would love to take this course, but set up is seem to be out of date

I’ve tried a lot of things to get him to work. It is exactly the class I want to take, but I feel like I have taken steps backward trying to get the files to work. It will take me longer to troubleshoot the course than to just figure things out on my own. This is not the first course I had issues getting the validation files to work. The material is great, but I just wish I could pass the tests without hours of technical issues.

problems mostly come from version changes of python and libraries, especially on windows. the last couple of years had seen many changes. some libraries do not have compiled versions for the recent python versions and can give errors if development environments are not compatible. in such cases, the installation mostly halts with lots of errors, but some errors can slip through and cause havoc later during the course.

I remember python 3.7 works fine with the course. you were already advised to use a virtual environment, so you may also create 3.6 and 3.8 and try them out. but I would not recommend higher versions.

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Hey @John_Reinagel,

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I know the initial setup of the course can be a bit time-taking but trust me, once the course has been set up, things pretty much run smoothly and you will have ample time to figure things out on your own. The course covers a lot of useful concepts and we hope you try and take the course. The course has been tested with python 3.8 and you should not get many issues while setting up the course with this version.

We don’t want our learners to spend hours trying to figure things out. Please always feel free to post your issues or blockers in the forums. Remember no problem or doubt is small, so always feel free to reach out. The community is always there to help. :smile:


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