World Workshop: From 0 to Mobile Developer in 2 Hours with Realm and SwiftUI

Andrew Morgan

Staff Developer Advocate

Learn how to build your first iOS mobile application using SwiftUI to build the UI and Realm to manage your data. This talk is aimed at experienced developers who are new to mobile. I’ll start with a brief tour of the anatomy of a mobile app—covering both the backend and frontend components. The bulk of the session will be devoted to a hands-on demonstration of building a simple problem reporting app. (Pre-installing Xcode on your Mac will speed things up.)

By the end of the session, you’ll have the skills to build this simple app for yourself, extend it to add new features, and use it as the starting point to build your own mobile apps.

Hi Andrew, Shane,

Many thanks for setting up this introductory talk.

I followed along (using the recording on YouTube) and am trying to solve the challenge of getting product names directly from Realm. I’m somewhat stuck though with how to do this.

My idea is I should be able to run a query using the reference to realm from the environment object and then do realm.objects(Ticket.self).product.distinct() - however this doesn’t seem to work. I’m also somewhat unclear why.

Could you kindly give me a few pointers here?

Many thanks,

Would someone kindly have an idea, please?