World Talk: Mobile Development is Dead, Long Live Mobile Development!

Ian Ward

Senior Product Manager, Mobile

Alexander Stigsen

Principal Product Manager

Great mobile experiences have become an expectation – so much so that businesses who aren’t meeting this expectation are teetering on the edge of the dustbin of history. What’s less obvious is the how: only recently has the community started consolidating around the best practices of architecting mobile apps. Still, developers find themselves navigating many unanswered questions alone. To further complicate, the rise of newer technologies powered by a worldwide rollout of 5G – AR/VR/MR, Machine Learning & AI, IoT, and Crypto – will necessitate new approaches altogether.

In this session, we will discuss mobile technology trends, common development approaches, and the impact of emerging technologies. You’ll learn how MongoDB and Realm’s frameworks and APIs are uniquely designed to make the building of great mobile experiences easy and future-proof.