Will the course be available to view beyond the 3 weeks

Hi, I’m taking another MongoDB course at the same time and because of work, I probably won’t be able to finish the classes and the homework in a timely fashion. It’s not important if I receive a certificate of completion but will the course stay open for me beyond the 3 weeks so I can complete it in my own time? Thank you

@ cyee101

Assuming that you don’t drop the course, it will show up in your Dashboard under the link “Completed Courses”. You won’t be able to submit your answers, but you will be able to check them against the supplied answers.

Also note that this course repeats about 1x a month, so you could also drop this one and then re-register and return to it later. Or you can continue with this and still re-register for a later iteration to get the certificate if you want it. Good luck.