Will Realm-Java Support Realm-Core 12.11.0 in the near future?

The team that I work in is moving toward supporting react-native 0.70.0 in order to adopt the many benefits of the new architecture.

Currently, our application has Realm integrated on both the native iOS and Android layer and React-Native layer at the same time (this is an anti-pattern, though something our current team needs to work with for now)

In order for integration to work on both layers we have discovered that the latest version of Realm we can use is bottlenecked by the latest version of Realm-Core that RealmSwift, RealmJava and RealmJS all support.

As of this post,
The latest versions supported are as follows:
React-native: 11.1.0 (12.11.0 core) - Nov 1st release
Swift: 10.32.2 (12.11.0 core) - Nov 2nd release
Java: 10.12.0 (12.6.0 core) - Sept 22 release

So in order to upgrade, from my understanding, we are bottlenecked by RealmJava which supports 12.6.0 core as its latest version.

When looking at realmJS, the latest version that also supports RealmCore 12.6.0 does not support ReactNative version 0.70.0

Which I believe is blocking our team from being able to upgrade.

The earliest version of RealmCore that supports ReactNative 0.70.0 is RealmCore version 12.11.0, so in order for us to adopt ReactNative 0.70.0 RealmJava will also need to support RealmCore 12.11.0.

This brings me to my question -
Are there plans for RealmJava to support RealmCore 12.11.0 anytime in the near future?

Hi, Yes, we are planing to bring Realm Java to the latest Core version within the next few weeks.

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Good morning.

Could you identify the ‘latest Core version’ you are refering?

Though the initial message mentions 12.11.0, i see that the version 13.1.0 is available from github.

I looked at the projects that depend on realm-core and see that the javascript (React Native) does point to 13.1.0 while the others point to 12.11.0.