Will Realm flexible expansions support per document rules?

Hi there,

From documentation Available Expansions in Flexible Sync Rules Quick Reference looks like there are no ways to use %%this, %%prev %%root, %%prevRoot. When should we wait for this feature ?


When you say per-document rules - do you mean field level permissions or something else?

Sorry, I am new to MongoDB universe.

I am trying to figure out how to dynamically build a permission level access to some objects.

Every Object in the DB will have a field access, with an array of user.id.
Now I need to restrict read/write access to this objects only for users that user.id is contained in access.

I see, feel free to take a look at this document on Flexible Sync rules -

Please note, that we currently don’t support queries/filters on arrays yet, but we are working on it now and it should be released soon. Once that is released your write filter in rules could look something like this:

"write": {"access": { "$in": "%%user.id." }

Oh. Looks like this is what I need. Any terms ? And how will it work if Flexible Sync is in Preview but we need to use it in Production ?