Wild card index and aggregation pipeline stages

I am using mongo 4.2 version

I have read wild card index and its restrictions WildCard Index restrictions

But still need to know few more points about the restrictions in wild card index
I have created wild card index for the whole document like

When I tried to check its executionPlan I found the following results

For all aggregate queries having $unwind in that query

  1. Index keys are not examined
  2. Always COLLSCAN is executed

From the above experiment I could observe that for any aggregate queries wild card will not work. Is my understanding correct. If yes can someone explain the above behavior?

Hi @Sowmya_LR,

Wellcome to MongoDB Community.

For aggregations there are specific restrictions. However, if you want the aggregation to use the index you need to perform either a $match or $sort stages in the beginning of the query.

If you are starting your aggregation with the $unwind stage the aggregation will not be able to utilise an index and will unfold everything with collscan and memory operations.

Can you share the aggregation with us?



Hi @Pavel_Duchovny

Thank you for the reply. The pipeline stages will be as follows

{$unwind: “$Instance”},

Hi @Sowmya_LR,

This pipeline cannot use the index as unwind is first stage.

Why not do the following:

{$unwind: “$Instance”},

This will allow the query to first filter on index and then do the rest.


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