Why this answer is wrong?

In the first LAB i gave the following as an answer:

mongod --port 27000 --dbpath /data/db --bind_ip localhost, --auth

Why this is wrong ?? ?

Please follow the instructions. Which looked like the following when I took the course.

When you’re finished, run the following validation script and enter the validation key you receive below. If you receive an error, it should give you some idea of what went wrong. The validation script listed is validate_lab_launch_mongod.

The answer a validation code, just like the lab in chapter 0.


In the labs, you are not supposed to enter the command but rather run the Validation scripts in the vagrant environment after implementing all the instructions mentioned in that particular lab.

When you run the validation script in the vagrant terminal, it gives you a key. Now you are supposed to copy-paste this key in the text box which says Enter answer here:.

Hope it helps!

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Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer