Why the value of localTime is different when I checked using noSQL Booster and while I am getting the same attribute using Java?

I have executed the db.serverStatus() in noSQLBooster and in Java Program both gave different outputs.

{$date=2021-06-16T04:10:17.993Z}] - in JAVA Program

ISODate(“2021-06-16T09:23:27.075+05:30”) - in noSQLBooster. Can you please let us know why.

I want the same value in Java also how to get that?

Hi @Pradeep_kumar.K and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

Looks like the same date to me almost but expressed in different timezones. I don’t know what noSQLBooster is, but I guess there is a setting in there to set the timezone in which dates are expressed by default… Or it’s just using the default of your system which is most probably set to the Indian TZ while Java is probably using UTC by default.