Why the secondary is not becoming a primary in a PSA replica-set?

Hello, I have a question…

MySet = [primary] - [secondary] - [arbiter]
Primary works fine.


  • When stopping the primary, the secondary should become primary, but it does not work as primary T.T

[My config]

  var cfg = {
    "_id": "inno-repl",
    "members": [
        "_id": 0,
        "host": "inno1:27017",
        "priority": 2
        "_id": 1,
        "host": "inno2:27017",
        "priority": 0
        "_id": 2,
        "host": "inno3:27017",
        "priority": 1,
        "arbiterOnly": true
  rs.initiate(cfg, { force: true });
  rs.reconfig(cfg, { force: true });

I am wondering if there is any problem with the above settings

Thank you all have a good day.

Please check if you have given the correct priority for arbiter
A secondary can never become primary if priority is set to 0


Priority: 0 On your secondary mean it will never assume primary.

You can read more about priority here

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Thank you very much for the advice!!