Why should I create realm schemes for my project if I can integrate atlas DB through realm SDK directly and use cloud functions?

Hello , I am building a mobile react native app thru expo. I was looking thru all of the possible NoSQL db candidates and I got attracted by mongoDB. As I understand you can integrate mongoDB atlas directly inside of your app through realm SDK and use cloud server side functions to take care of the post,fetch and t.t data operations. So I don’t understand what is the point of creating the realm schemes for your local db and sync them later if you can connect your mongo db directly?

Thank you dear friends for your help.

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Hi @Lukas_Vainikevicius ,

Realm is an offline-first database, to work with your data you don’t need to be connected to the network, all the changes you apply to your records are immediately available, and the synchronisation happens transparently for the user. This is ideal when a connection is not guaranteed, and apps are responsive at all times, and is a common use case in mobile apps. In fact, having a synchronised DB is a great feature, but isn’t a requirement at all, a lot of apps use Realm exclusively as a local persistent storage, as an alternative to, for example, raw SQLite or Core Data on iOS.

That said, you’re free to ignore the local storage, and work exclusively with the cloud, either via Functions, GraphQL, Data API, or Custom HTTPS Endpoints: the whole point is to have choices, and that’s what Atlas and Realm provide.


thank you very much for you answer

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