Why rsync had to be installed for this course?

One of the pre-requisites for the M103 course was to install rsync as mentioned in Lecture : Setting Up the Vagrant Environment as follows:

" Install rsync and ssh

The last step of the installation of MinGW is to specify the packages you want to install. From here you can mark rsync and ssh for installation "

We have used ssh to ssh into vagrant box, so I do understand it was needed, but we haven’t used rsync anywhere during this course. Can you please confirm why we had to install rsync as we never used it?

Hi @PuneetC,

As you might have seen that the virtual machine we set up using vagrant and virtualbox uses Linux operating system. So, for windows user it is necessary to install both rsync and ssh to connect Windows with Linux VM for data transfer, etc.

So, rsync allows efficient transferring and synchronising files whereas ssh makes this transfer secure.
Mingw is command-line installer, with optional GUI front-end from where we install rsync and ssh packages.

I hope it helps!!
Please let me know, if you have any questions.


Thank you Sonali :slight_smile: