Why is this so hard?

Hi all,

I am trying ot learn how to write Kotlin Android applications that have a MongoDB backend using Android Studio but , sadly, the turorials on the MongoDB website are next to useless.

It isn’t very useful to just clone a shell of an application (i.e. TaskTracker) as this doesn’t tell me how to set something up from scratch. Plus, the instructions seem to be out of date and a number of the imports are not found, even though my gradle files are the same as the ones in the exercises.

The other instructions on the Realm SDK pages are also useless as they are even more out of date and do not show what needs to be imported or where the code snippets are supposed to go.

Can anyone point me to a better set of turorials please?

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Hi Ivan,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the tutorial and docs!

If you have specific feedback or would like to report an issue on a given page, try using the feedback form on each page. Feedback goes right to our docs team, who will assess and address it.



You sound frustrated which is totally understandable.

The TaskTracker app is kind of a living example - it evolves as the codebase does but sometimes lags a bit behind. I would not suggest using it as a shell or template to be cloned. I would suggest using that project to get comfortable with the language calls and functions.

Best practice is to build that app and get it working. Once you’ve done that, things will be a lot easier developing your own app.

Also, the guide does show how to set an app up from scratch. Starting with the Installation and then the real fun part - the Quick Start with shows how to initialize and open a Realm, define an object model and then write, query and read data.

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I agree. I’ve been working with Realm for awhile, across web, android and ios. It’s powerful, but everything I try to do involves confusing or outdated docs. This is true across the various platforms. I’ve honestly never had a tougher time with any tool.

It’s gotten a little better over the years I guess. But it can still be extremely frustrating. You can sometimes get a little help on the forums if you’re patient… Sometimes. I’m constantly trying to get my head around what could be the root of the issue. Partly I think that Realm is just a complex system. The deeper I get, the more I realize that data synchronization across platforms is just a very difficult problem, so trying to document how to use the solution to that problem must be challenging.

But there are definitely some confusing practices in the docs that make matters worse. Can’t offer much beyond that there really aren’t better tutorials that I’ve found. You can dig through my code if you wanna see a functional Kotlin implementation. I’m pretty scrappy with my code, so it’s not a great model, but I do think that the way I extracted the RealmService class makes things a little easier to understand. Anyway, good luck. It is pretty cool, when everything starts working.