Why enter doubts into concepts? It does not enhance understanding

I am on the course to learn Mongodb. I am getting frustrated and annoyed with the Lab exercises. Some Labs i.e. Lab - Read Concern and Read Preference are written in such away as to complicate matters. Rather than test the understanding of the student. I feel they bear no reality on the real world and are there just to trip and confuse the student. Please just ask the fundemental questions.

Do you have a specific question that we can help with? Do you have any concept in particular you are struggling with?

No questions on the concepts, clear enough. The fact the questions add doubt to them even after revisiting the lectures several times. Which in turn leads to having to spend more timing understanding the question than the concept is annoying and frustrating. So does anyone else feel like this?

Hi Murray_29569,

Sorry for your experience. And thanks for sharing the feedback.
It would be great to know for which question you are facing the issue, we would like to improve wherever we can.

Looking forward to your response.


To be honest on this topic, I follow most things, but this answer from the read concern quiz.

None of the read concerns require you to specify a write concern. However, reads with the read concern majority and linearizable will only return data that has been replicated to a majority of nodes in the replica set.

The write concern linearizable will wait for a write to be replicated to a majority of nodes before it returns, but majority will not wait.

It was the second paragraph. What is the majority not waiting for… My understanding is that a write concern majority will wait for the majority of nodes to acknowledge the write before telling the application that all is good.

So I must be missing some subtly here.

Hi @NMullins, you stand correct in your understanding.
The second paragraph could be better. We’ll review the explanation and lab verbiage to make it more clear.
Sorry for the caused frustration and thanks for feedback.