Why campass is requiring double quotes in querry

In Reading Documents: Scalar Fields Lecture Sir Shannon mentioned that we don’t to put double quotes around the key of our query like {wind.direction.angle: 200} and must use it in shell like {“wind.direction.angle”: 200}
but my campass is not working, even find button remains disabled if I don’t put quotes, if I put double quotes as supposed to do in shell the this query is working as intended
Please guide why it is happening

Waiting to read you kind response

Hi @Sulaiman_02384,

If you are searching for a single key, you can skip the double quotes.
For example : In the 100YWeatherSmall.data if you perform following query :


In this case, query will work fine.

However, as mentioned in the Lecture Notes, you need to provide quotes when using the dot notation to express queries.


In this case, double quotes are necessary and is also considered to be good practice.

If you have any further doubts, please let me know.