Why are all my records for the course lost?


I´ve doing M001 for a few days and complete chapter 1 to 3. But suddenly, all my records are lost. And I need to start with zero. Does anyone know how to find the old records?

Thanks in advance!

Your course progress is lost or data in your collections?
Show us screenshots of your DB/collections before and after data loss

Hi :wave: @Luming_Shi,

Welcome to the MongoDB University forums :sparkles:

I checked and found that you were enrolled in the three offerings of the same course, so to avoid any sort of confusion we have unregistered you from two additional offering of M001 and now you are good to go :tada:

To resume your course kindly click on My Courses as shown below and then you will see all your active courses, click on the “Resume” button to get started with the course where you left earlier.

In case you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us.



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