Which version to select for Mac OS?


In the latest download center for MongoDB enterprise Server, the current version 4.0.10 has the option without SSL support. While in the tutorial it’s mentioned to download with SSL support.

Please assist which version to select from the options available.24%20AM

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Without SSL also may work
Please check this link

Mongodb Shell for macOS?

I also have the same question. To connect to Atals cluster we need SSL. So I should be downloading 4.1.13 (Development release) instead of 4.0.10 without SSL support ?

Appreciate if you can clarify @Kanika

Hi @Mala_09152, @yogesh_14114,

Please download 4.0.10 (current release) for Mac OS. You can refer to the following post to download MongoDB Enterprise Server in Mac OS:

Please let me know, if you have any questions.


Thanks, Sonali for the update, will let you know if face any issues.

Attempt to Downloading 4.2.0-rc2 failed. The does ‘download’ button does not respond when you click on it. It appears that the only available option is the ones labeled without SSL which is required for the course. Has anyone download the others without SSL and was able to follow along with the course?


Hi @Claudine_26798,

Please download 4.0.10 (current release) fromMongoDB Download Center.

You can refer to the above post for more details: