Which one is the sandbox connection link to use in windows shell

Hi Everyone,

I have logged into the Mongodb Atlas and created the cluster as said in the video and made the Ip settings tp connect from anywhere.
Then when connecting to sandbox cluster, we have advised to connect to sandox cluster in shell. but, in the attached screenshot i’m not able to find the sandbox cluster link to connect from shell.
Could any one help me over here with correct step to connect to the shell.


The connect string is there in the screenshot the text in the textbox which starts as mongo

To add on @angie_d’s reply, if you have installed Mongo Shell <= 3.4 version, then use the “Standard Connection” which is shown in your screenshot, if you have installed Mongo Shell >= 3.6, then use standard srv string. Click on the “Short SRV Connection String”.

After clicking on Copy, open Terminal / Command Line and paste the command and .


When im connecting to link copied from Atlas sanbox form shell (windows 10 system) I get the attached error message stating “can’t connect to new replica set master”.

Please check and provide your idea?

I can able to connect now.

Thanks for your help guys.