Whether Realm sync can be work with IonicFramework?

Whether Realm sync can be work with IonicFramework?

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Hi and welcome to the Community.

Currently we only support React Native (both iOS & Android) and Node.js (on MacOS and Linux) but we are considering adding support for Cordova/PhoneGap/Ionic as well, but we have no exact timelines as yet. Stay tuned here, and via @realm on Twitter too for any updates.


Hi Shane,
The ionic community is huge and it would be awesome to have Ionic integrate with Realm.
We look forward to it.
Any news?

Hi Alan - good timing. We’ve just completed a proof of concept with Ionic and we are looking forward to sharing that with the community very soon - stay tuned! And thanks for following up on this thread - I should have kept it updated!


Hi Shane,

I look forward to it.

Thank you for yoir reply.

No problem - as soon as we can share details - I’ll update this post.

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Hi Shane

Am also very interested in this development.
Are you able to say whether you will be supporting cordova or capacitor

many thanks

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Hi @Shane_McAllister
Just prompting on this query again. Are you guys making progress ? Any forward looking dates ? Are you using Cordova or Capacitor for the native interface ?

Hi @Darren_Hunter - apologies for the delay - was on leave. Yes, we’ve been making progress here and are aiming to release sample app and demos in September.

thanks for the update - you didn’t mention if your solution was using Cordova or Capacitor (or both maybe) - would you be able to let us know thanks

Hi @Darren_Hunter

Attached you’ll find an Ionic Web React App sample that uses Realm to login (you’ll have to register a user). This looks like a Capacitor App. Developed by the Ionic team with our help. A blog post and a decent repo with instruction should follow, but wanted to give you something to work with.

Hope this helps you.

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@Darren_Hunter Ionic have published their Blog Building an app with Ionic React and Realm - Ionic Blog - and we will be following up shortly with taking this further to iOS & Android

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We should be in a position to publish this blog next week.


Any plans to add Ionic Vue and Realm?

Hi McAllister,

Any news about Realm with Ionic?
I searched the Blog and didn’t find any publication as you indicated.
Ionic is a framework that hj runs under Angular, Vue and React, I hope the solution is universal and not just for React.
I eagerly await information.

@Alan_Claudio_Melo1 Apologies - it got a little waylaid! But no fear, it’s in final review and will be out very shortly.

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Looking forward to it.
I have a project stopped, waiting for this solution.
I don’t want to use SQLite or another solution, Realm is perfect for use with MongoDB.

I await brief news, thank you.

Awesome to hear. However can you give and estimate of “shortly”. Is this days, weeks or months?

Hi @Gerald_Owens, Diego here, working on aforementioned post

We aim for it to be published this week, or next one. But take this with a grain of salt: this is a developer’s estimation and you know…

Thanks for your patience and interest.

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@Gerald_Owens @Alan_Claudio_Melo1 @Es_Degan_N_A @Darren_Hunter

Hi all - glad to add that we’ve published Let’s Give Your Realm-Powered Ionic Web App the Native Treatment on iOS and Android! which builds upon Ionic’s previous post with Realm. Please do check it out, and let us know what you think.

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